Varnish Mobile Device Detection

Varnish Mobile Device Detection accurately detects the characteristics of every mobile and web connected device

Bottom line: your content responds the way you want it to. You can detect over 140 aspects of any device including screen size, Adobe Flash support, supported video codecs, device hardware and more.

Varnish Mobile Device Detection can be used in combination with other Varnish features, allowing your business to implement business logic from within the caching layer based on user device type and, for example, adjust screen resolution appropriately. With device detection, you can optimize the user experience and meet the user wherever she is.

Varnish Mobile Device Detection features

  • Performance and reliability: 99.8% accurate detection; capable of making millions of detections per second. Uses a highly optimized JSON file format, offering fast lookups with minimal server footprint.
  • Flexibility: Returns over 140 aspects of any device detected, such as screen size, OS, browser, supported video codecs and more. This information can be combined with other Varnish features.
  • Dynamic data: Reveals user-specific settings, device and browser state, network connection type and speed.

Varnish Mobile Device Detection benefits

  • Redirecting mobile clients to specific mobile-optimized experiences
  • Dynamically adapting content based on device capabilities
  • Targeting content according to device type
  • Providing in-depth analytics based on device data
  • Detecting search engine bots

Who should use Varnish Mobile Device Detection?

Varnish Mobile Device Detection is designed for the modern business wanting to reach customers, no matter what the device, content or context. It is designed to use Varnish for device detection lookups in real-time, so your business can make decisions on how to handle client requests.

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