Varnish Streaming Server with Varnish Live

Rapidly scalable, extremely flexible and highly performative, Streaming Server enables you to meet the demands of your viewers at all times, delivering your video content faster and with greater reliability and availability.

In addition, our Varnish Live app enables you to monitor the performance of your service in real-time, with 24/7 insight from your existing Varnish Custom Statistics configuration (part of Streaming Server) always at your fingertips.


Respond to demand

Streaming Server is designed to scale up or down as your service requires.

Origin protect

Backend offload

With Varnish Streaming Server, you can achieve up to 99% backend offload.

100+TB data

Massive data store

With Varnish Streaming Server, you can store a massive amount of data – more than 100+TB.

Why use Varnish Streaming Server?

With Streaming Server you can deliver your video content in the most efficient way possible – store massive amounts of content, deliver it rapidly and securely with a flexible service that can be upgraded and improved at a pace that suits you and your viewers.

Client & backend-side SSL/TLS
High Availability
Massive Storage Engine (MSE)
Varnish Administration Console (VAC)
Varnish Custom Statistics (VCS)
Content pre-fetch
Parallel ESI
JSON Support
CDN Connectors
Content Transformation
Varnish Broadcaster
Varnish Discovery

Varnish offloads more than 50% of live streaming requests, which is a lifesaver in terms of load that does not hit the backend.

Benjamin Baumann, Solutions Architect, Eurosport

Varnish Live: Real-time, on-the-go performance monitoring


Varnish Live

The Varnish Live app is an essential real-time, on-the-go tool to proactively monitor and optimize your Varnish instances to ensure the highest possible web performance.

Varnish Live frees monitoring from a specific location: as a mobile app, it can be used to monitor Varnish performance from anywhere, helping teams identify, troubleshoot and manage issues proactively.

*Only available with a Varnish Enterprise subscription, Varnish Live is not a standalone app and draws on VCS data.


  • Simplicity in real-time: Varnish Live delivers an instant, real-time overview of performance stats and data that pulls data from your existing VCS configuration. Varnish Live is your first line of defense in identifying traffic and performance patterns or potential problems as – or before – they happen.
  • Visual: Varnish Live presents data in a simple, user-friendly visual/graph format making it easy to immediately see where issues are coming up or that performance is stable.
  • Easily share: Varnish Live also makes it easier to share stats/info with other parts of your organization that don’t get access to or need more visual representations of performance and the crucial nature of real-time monitoring and anticipating problems before they become critical.
  • Mobile/flexible: Varnish Live is a mobile app so can be used anywhere. You are not tied down, monitoring performance from a single place.
  • Peace of mind: Varnish Live shows that instance(s) are up and running and shows in real-time how they are running.


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