Varnish Plus

Varnish Plus

​Varnish Plus combines Varnish Software’s subscription offerings and professional services into one package.

Varnish Plus customers get access to all of our software in an easy-to-use repository.

Product comparison

Core features Varnish Cache Varnish Plus
High speed HTTP Caching X X
VCL Policy engine X X
HTTP Streaming   X
Advanced Cache Invalidation   X
API Caching X X
API Access Control Rule Engine X X
VMODs*   X
Cluster Graphical Administration
Cluster Administration   X
Workaround guarantee   X
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What our customers are saying

"Varnish Plus helps us easily and in a cost efficient manner manage the high pressure that comes with news events." Johan Möller, CTO, one of Stockholm's largest newspapers
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Varnish Plus is the premiere offering from Varnish Software, allowing users the ability to monitor, edit, control and expand multiple instances of Varnish Cache in real-time.

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