What is Varnish Plus?

What is Varnish Plus?

​Varnish Plus combines Varnish Software’s subscription offerings and professional services into one package. Varnish Plus customers get access to all of the company’s software in an easy-to-use repository.

Product comparison

Core features Varnish Cache Varnish Plus
High speed HTTP Caching X X
VCL Policy engine X X
HTTP Streaming   X
Advanced Cache Invalidation   X
API Caching X X
API Access Control Rule Engine X X
VMODs*   X
Single Server Graphical Administration X X
Cluster Administration   X
Binary VMODs packages   X
Built in VCL Editor   X
Cluster Controller API   X
Custom Statistics
Statistics tracking by Vhost/domain   X
Detection of problematic URLs   X
Tracking of popular URLs   X
Tracking of cache hits and cache misses   X
Paid content access control
Subscriptions   X
Micropayments   X
Metered   X
Advanced subscriptions   X
Mobile Device Detection
Device detection and redirection to mobile optimized UX   X
Dynamic context adaption   X
Search engine bots detection   X
Media Streaming
Media Streaming Statistics   X
Level of support
Community support X X
9-5 support from the core Varnish team   X
24*7 support from the core Varnish team   X
Workaround guarantee   X
Up to unlimited no. of support requests   X
Professional services   X
Certification X X
Discount   X


What is Varnish Cache?

Varnish Cache is a web accelerator, sometimes referred to as a HTTP accelerator or a reverse HTTP proxy, that will significantly enhance your web performance and web content delivery. Varnish Cache speeds up a website by storing a copy of the page served by the web server the first time a user visits that page. The next time a user requests the same page, Varnish will serve the copy instead of requesting the page from the web server. This means that your web server needs to handle less traffic and your website’s performance and scalability go through the roof. In fact Varnish Cache is often the single most critical piece of software in a web based business. Varnish Cache is used by more than 1,7 million websites worldwide to deliver web content faster.

How does it work?

Install Varnish Cache in front of any web server that speaks HTTP and configure it to cache the contents. The result? Varnish will speed up the delivery of your web content by up to 80%, depending on your architecture.

Watch the video to learn more: