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Getting started with Varnish

Getting started with Varnish Cache sets you firmly on a path to a high performing website with practical information and tips. This guide helps you master Varnish basics so you can get up and running in no time - without the steep learning curve.

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Varnish O'Reilly Book

The Varnish book

The Varnish book is really the comprehensive, nitty-gritty technical “bible” for all things Varnish Cache and Varnish Solutions.

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Varnish Book

Optimizing Video Streaming for Mobile

Tackling today’s mobile streaming challenges and future-proofing with 5G-ready, mobile-first solutions.

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Mobile Streaming ebook

Remote work: the sustainable wave of the future

Under current circumstances the technology underpinning the move to distributed work has never been more important. Businesses need to secure productivity no matter the situation and manage their existing resources for maximum efficiency.

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Remote work Book

Ready for anything: e-commerce

In this e-book we discuss some of the trends that illustrate e-commerce’s place as an everyday concern for online retailers and detail the strategies and technologies you can employ to be ready for anything - every day.

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e-commerce book

Under attack: online security in unstable times

The global pandemic has created new challenges in digital security and made vulnerabilities ripe for exploitation. Play defense with prevention and detection - ensure that all traffic remains secure.

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Security Book

Game on! iGaming and the tech propelling it

iGaming is a high-growth industry, propelled in part by swift advances in digital technology - everything from mobile iGaming to innovations enabled by the upcoming introduction of 5G networks.

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iGaming Book

Seven steps to anywhere, anytime education

Major pushes toward enabling anywhere-anytime education were already underway before Covid-19-lockdown, closing down schools at all educational levels, but now virtual education has become a must to ensure that education continues in the face of crises.

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academia book

Tackling the challenges of HTTP streaming

How do you stream content seamlessly when end-users expect to navigate to their content of choice and push play for an immediate, smooth streaming experience? This e-book explains how Varnish can help you manage or overcome these challenges.

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Streaming Book

5 building blocks to improve mobile content delivery

This e-book will help you take control of the parts of mobile content delivery you can improve yourself. We have gathered best practices, solutions for helping you future-proof your content delivery.

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Mobile Book

Black Friday peak web performance guide

The Black Friday period is make or break for a lot of retailers, making up 30% (or more) of a retailer’s annual revenue. For many major retailer is essential to get it right, disastrous if done wrong; sadly we sometimes see repeat poor performers year after year.

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black friday book

What is the promise of the cloud?

In this e-book, we will explain cloud technology and some of the reasons why you should consider moving to the cloud or look into a hybrid cloud strategy, how much you might consider offloading and what benefits you can gain.

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cloud book

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