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Varnish Extend, a flexible and powerful content delivery software layer, lets you extend your content delivery capabilities and control, while creating a bespoke, fully optimized hybrid or private content delivery solution.



Varnish Extend is a flexible, self-assembly content delivery solution. Powered by the high-performance caching of Varnish Plus and scalable global traffic management of Cedexis, Varnish Extend offers options for companies that want to develop their own content delivery solution, tailored to their specific performance and delivery needs.

Varnish Extend puts flexibility in your hands, letting you implement the means for content delivery that fit your needs, whether as a completely private CDN or as part of a hybrid content delivery strategy.


Varnish Extend bundles Varnish Plus, Varnish Software’s best-in-class caching software, with a global traffic management service powered by Cedexis, and includes a real-world-tested blueprint and professional support to help you get your content delivery solution running in as little as four hours.  

Varnish Extend enables the creation and design of a private or hybrid content delivery structure that:

  • Delivers options and flexibility: Whether you need to use a hybrid mix of public CDN and private caching services or a completely private, DIY content delivery solution, Varnish Extend lets you create and implement exactly what you need.
  • Puts control back in your hands: By taking advantage the content delivery option that best suits you and your use, you gain control over what type of content (VoD, images, other large data sets) you deliver as well as how, to whom and from where.
  • Boosts performance: By no longer relying on a single CDN strategy, Varnish Extend allows you to improve content delivery performance, as the global traffic management service safeguards that you always deliver content from the fastest server, closest to your end user.
  • Deploys easily and quickly: With Varnish Extend, you benefit from flexible deployment scenarios, which allow you to have your content delivery solution up and running in as little as four hours.
  • Helps manage costs: By provisioning your own tailored content delivery solution, you can offload some of the unpredictable costs incurred by using commercial CDNs; a private or hybrid solution makes costs more manageable. Varnish Extend pricing offers a transparent and easy-to-understand, subscription-based model, based on number of servers, not bandwidth used. Contact us for more details on pricing.
  • Facilitates privacy and security: With Varnish Extend, your private content is not on an open, public network.
  • Ensures availability: Varnish Extend ensures resiliency across multiple platforms allowing you to avoid single point of failure with one single CDN/DC.


  • Extend your content delivery capabilities and enhance user experience by always delivering content from the closest node
  • Gain full control of your content. You keep it on your own network and deliver based on your own KPIs
  • Move beyond a “one-size-fits-all”, generic public  CDN solution to develop content delivery that matches your needs
  • Convenience is key when it comes to content delivery and that’s exactly what you will get with Varnish Extend. You can have your private content delivery network up and running in as little as four hours.


  • Varnish Plus software suite
  • Global Traffic Management Service powered by Cedexis
  • A blueprint for how to set up your content delivery solution, bundled with professional support


Companies that deliver considerable amounts of content can benefit from adopting the flexibility of Varnish Extend. Here are some examples of existing and potential use cases, although you should not feel constrained by these limits if you think Varnish Extend can work for you and your content delivery needs.

  • Hybrid CDN: A mix of commercial CDN and private cache servers/CDN architectures (companies like Facebook and Netflix use this kind of approach). Regional broadcasters and media publishers could benefit from leveraging caching nodes in their local market for VoD and live streaming
  • Private CDN: Internet service providers, network operators and even automakers are among the kinds of businesses who have used multiple Varnish nodes to create private CDNs to manage their own traffic and exert granular control over their content and user experience requirements.
  • Origin shield: Companies with a lot of cold/long-tail content, such as VoD libraries, could use Varnish Extend to set up one or more Varnish nodes behind their CDNs, in front of the origin, to optimize content delivery and cache-hit ratio, protecting the origin from sudden floods of calls from the CDN.

If you have been considering your options for content delivery and performance, control, cost, privacy, and/or flexibility, Varnish Extend may be the solution you are looking for.

Varnish Extend is powered by Varnish Software and Cedexis.


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