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Varnish DIY CDN

Take full control of your content - and your costs - on a global scale with our flexible DIY CDN solution.

Take back control of your content


Strategically located POPs

You can decide where to place your POPs and provide a unique user experience to the users who are strategically important to your business.


Significant yearly savings

Customers save millions of dollars in data transfer costs on a yearly basis by leveraging Varnish DIY CDN for content delivery.


Oversee when, where and to whom

With Varnish DIY CDN, you gain privacy and full control over how, when, where and to whom you send your content.

Why use Varnish DIY CDN?

Slow performance, downtime and giving up control of your content to a CDN provider can dull a company’s competitive edge. Varnish DIY CDN lets you leverage a DIY content delivery ecosystem, optimize performance, control and oversee your own content delivery, while ensuring availability, reliability, flexibility and great user experience – and lower your costs.

Talk to an expert

Optimal VoD delivery is one of the reasons SFR relies on Varnish DIY CDN.

Thierry Magnien, CDN expert at SFR (Societe Francaise du Radiotelephone)

How it works

By letting companies tailor their DIY CDN solution to their own performance and content delivery requirements, Varnish DIY CDN puts control back into your hands: control of costs, content and privacy, ensuring transparency and flexibility into how, where, when and to whom you deliver content.

Origin server
Deploying origin servers in multiple locations may cause a lot of headaches because of replication and synchronization. With Varnish, you can reach customers all over the world without multiplying your origins.
Varnish cache server
As the brain of your setup, your origin needs to be accessible globally by the edge server, and it must be protected from abuse.
Varnish is easy and quick to deploy, hence it can easily be deployed anywhere in the world. In the cloud, virtualized, containerized or on bare metal, put Varnish close to your user to reduce latency.


As companies aim to tailor their specific performance and content delivery needs as well as control costs, content and privacy, moving away from commercial CDNs, over which they have very little control, the alternative – do-it-yourself CDNs – become a viable and flexible option.

The Varnish DIY CDN solution lets companies build their own in-house private CDNs, hybrid CDNs, consumer CDNs, and advanced edge platforms.

With the cloud and standard components, and the flexibility of the Varnish DIY CDN solution, a high-performance, global CDN that meets your specific needs can be built in as little as one afternoon.

Varnish Cache Plus
Client & backend-side SSL/TLS
High Availability
Massive Storage Engine
Dynamic backends
Cache invalidation
Total Encryption


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