Edgestash is a modern templating language that dynamically assembles user-customized responses, giving you the lowest possible page load times.

Edgestash is a Varnish-based templating language that facilitates dynamic, user-generated responses. Edgestash is a modern Mustache-based, JSON-driven language that is comparable to the templating syntax used in Angular.js, React.js, Ember.js, Vue.js, and other similar JavaScript frameworks. Edgestash targets slow performing mobile websites that use JavaScript rendering technologies. In particular, e-commerce and media sites. These sites depend on delivering user-customized responses at the lowest possible page load times. A typical modern website is assembled in the browser using JavaScript, content, templates and JSON data. Browser-based page assembly requires many round trips to your servers and can be very slow on mobile. Edgestash moves this assembly process to Varnish, composing a dynamic response in a fraction of the time. This leads to an almost instantaneous page load. Poor mobile experiences, especially high page load times, can detract from overall website value and ROI. Powering up your edge to boost page load speeds is what Edgestash is all about.

Edgestash features

  • Speed: Reduces the page-load process down to tens of milliseconds, which in some cases is a 100x speedup over JavaScript-based frameworks.
  • Performance gains: The fastest possible response times and page load times.
  • No need to expose your data services API directly to the browser; Edgestash can use your APIs to compose page responses and it can even compose an API from other APIs.
  • Edgestash can complement and co-exist with browser-based JavaScript frameworks for significant performance gains, especially on mobile.

Edgestash benefits

  • Up to 100x faster page assembly: Page assembly may be reduced from seconds, or even tens of seconds, to tens of milliseconds.
  • Smoother, faster mobile experience for users.
  • Fewer prematurely abandoned sessions or transactions, leading to fewer lost users and higher transactions and revenue.

 Who should use Edgestash?

The ability to improve digital content delivery, particularly on mobile, is key. Varnish Edgestash shaves significant time off page rendering and loading, leading to high-performance content delivery and a superior end-user experience. Companies that rely on seamless, fast content delivery across devices will see benefits from the implementation of Edgestash.

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