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Optimizing API performance and system interactions are integral to delivering the best end user experience. Learn how Varnish Enterprise has enabled 80% lower latency and 10x API throughput for some of the world's largest businesses.

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The Challenge

API Interactivity

In large organizations, hundreds or even thousands of people may need simultaneous access to internal tools.

This demand can cause bottlenecks, performance loss and delays in DevOps workflows. The result? Increased complexity, hits to productivity and added costs.

On the flip side, seamless system interactions make work easier and operations more efficient.

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Cache POST Requests

Accelerate APIs and IT Processes

Varnish Enterprise caching software accelerates the delivery of HTTP-based workflows and APIs.

Applying Varnish to developer tasks and system interactions empowers dev teams with low latency, high throughput API delivery, reduced traffic to core services and faster coordination between business units. 

IT teams love using Varnish to build seamless connections to core systems like Artifactory, Apache Solr, Gradle, npm, SAP and Confluence, saving hours of time every day.

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Varnish Enterprise caches API requests and delivers responses at very low latency. Internal digital processes that work seamlessly means your business gains speed, stability and value.


Be More Productive

Cache APIs and work more efficiently with low-latency interactions.


Streamline Operations

Share business results faster and smarter across distributed teams.


Withstand Traffic Spikes

Cut backend traffic by 90% and move API tasks closer to end-users and systems.


Transform digital processes

Support emerging business needs using existing infrastructure.

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Accelerate API Handling

Optimize Enterprise API Gateways

Varnish Enterprise is platform-agnostic software, ready to deploy into existing processes and architectures.

It aggregates and authenticates API calls, returning results at low latency and speeding up access to data.

Rate limiting, authorization and access controls mean Varnish protects core services while accelerating delivery, for responsive and reliable interactions.

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Accelerate GraphQL

Cache GraphQL Query Results

GraphQL queries are in the critical request chain of web pages, so slow responses can hurt customer experience. Varnish caches GraphQL queries, serving responses at high speed while caching every unique query separately.

Instant cache invalidation. Varnish can purge tens of thousands of query items at once.

Combine backend requests. When Varnish receives multiple identical GraphQL queries, only one hits the database. 

Granular response control. Index and parse responses on the fly to cache the crucial parts of the query.  

Complete caching efficiency. Choose to cache only the most popular queries for better cache efficiency, and pre-allocate storage limits.

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Speed Up Artifactory

Streamline DevOps Processes

Varnish Enterprise integrates into DevOps pipelines. Cache Artifactory responses, artifacts and files to reduce friction, complexity and costs.

Lightning-fast object delivery during peak demand.

Quicker dependency resolution. Cache database request traffic with Varnish.

Minimize backend requests. More users get artifacts fast.

Reduce DevOps licensing and hardware. Varnish handles the load so fewer instances are needed.

Secure mission-critical content, and verify clients and servers with TLS and authentication.

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Who We Help

Varnish Enterprise is the hidden performance layer across many global enterprises, from e-commerce to finance to telco.

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"Varnish has been consistently easy to deploy, easy to manage and very easy to track performance. For us, the Varnish component was the ‘rest easy’ piece of the puzzle."


Daniel Kukucka

CTO, Servcorp


Success Stories

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Varnish Enterprise helped CBC secure huge performance and reliability gains while lowering CAPEX and OPEX by 30% and reducing infrastructure needs.

“The CBC website could not do without it.” – Massimo Mollica, Manager, CBC/Radio-Canada


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Future Publishing

The publishing powerhouse uses Varnish to ensure high availability and scalability, overcome Fastly outages and slash downtime.

"When Fastly goes down, we can just swing everything to London and serve content directly from Varnish Enterprise." - Toby Jackson, Global SRE Lead, Future

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With Varnish Enterprise, the retailer could handle traffic spikes, deliver fast page loads and ensure good user experience. 

"Varnish offers the ability to adopt a flexible and configurable cache strategy managed by our internal devops team. Other tools don’t make it as easy to change." -Michael Alimi, CTO, Intersport

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Support Plans

Varnish Enterprise subscriptions include software licensing and assistance from the Varnish Support and Engineering teams. Plans vary according to specific needs but the excellence and deep knowledge of our team stays the same. Choose the plan to suit your needs:

Standard Support


  • Enterprise software license
  • 20 support requests/year
  • 8 hour max. response time

Premium Support


  • Enterprise software license
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Unlimited support requests
  • 2 hour max. response time
  • 72 hour workaround SLAs
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Varnish as a Managed Service


In addition to Premium

  • 24/7 management by Varnish
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • Flexible SLAs

“Within three months, we have already saved at least one work week because Varnish Enterprise has not failed once.”


Toby Jackson

Global SRE Lead, Future

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