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Varnish for Academia

Varnish Enterprise for Academia lets academic and research institutions take control of the digital delivery and administration of educational content.

Expertise & support
Performance with savings
Access and permission control
Cache replication
End-to-end security
Massive content handling & streaming (live and VoD)
Real-time, actionable insight

*Varnish Enterprise for Academia was designed and is available for: Educational institutions: Public or private K-12, vocational schools, correspondence schools, junior colleges, colleges, universities, or scientific or technical schools that are accredited by a national accrediting agency. Research institutes that are affiliated with an accredited university. Teaching hospitals that are affiliated with an accredited university.

Who can* and should use Varnish Enterprise for Academia?

Varnish Enterprise for Academia is for education and research institutions that seek web performance, speed, reliability and scalability improvements but also need to coordinate multiple levels of access control, deliver large amounts of live streaming and VoD content and find ways to work more efficiently with fewer resources. It is designed specifically to meet the challenges faced by the education sector and it features:


  • Optimal speed and scalability for a smooth user experience.
  • Reliable content delivery, high availability and uptime no matter the level of demand.
  • Minimal backend resource use.
  • Real-time, actionable data and insight.
  • Secure, efficient operations: Potential bottom-line reduction in number of servers, resulting in lower maintenance costs and investment, a smaller carbon footprint and efficiency.
  • Granular-level control over content access permissions.
  • Access to support and expertise from core developers.

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