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Latest announcements

11-09-2017 Varnish Software Extends its cloud offering

07-02-2017 New O’Reilly Book announced: “Getting started with Varnish Cache - Accelerate your web applications”

22-02-2016 Varnish Software Kicks off 10th Anniversary Celebration of Varnish Cache

21-01-2016 Varnish Software 2015 Milestones Highlighted by 100% Net Renewal Rate

01-12-2015 Varnish Software launches Zipnish, an open source tool for microservices performance tracking

18-11-2015 Varnish Software Survey Identifies Performance as API Industry Blind Spot

17-08-2015 Surfline avoids web traffic tsunami with Varnish Plus

01-06-2015 Varnish Plus now supports SSL/TLS

08-05-2015 Gartner Selects Varnish Software as a 2015 ‘Cool Vendor’ in Web-Scale Platforms

09-04-2015 Varnish Software releases Varnish API Engine

10-04-2014 Varnish Software announces the release of Varnish Cache 4.0

15-01-2014 Varnish Software launches Varnish Plus for online businesses that depend on fast, scalable and reliable sites around the clock

21-11-2013 Varnish Software wins the Red Herring Global 100 Award

25-10-2013 Varnish Software is a finalist for the 2013 Red Herring Global 100 Award

01-07-2013 Varnish Software and Zaizi partner up to enhance web performance.

11-04-2013 Varnish Software announces it is a winner of the Red Herring Top 100 Europe award.

10-07-2012 Varnish Software partners with dotMobi to enhance Varnish Cache with Device Atlas device detection.

26-06-2012 Varnish Software partners with French Zenika.

15-02-2011 Varnish Software signs partnership agreement with OmniTI.

14-01-2011 Varnish Software signs a new technology agreement with Canonical.

25-10-2010 Varnish Cache reached a new record of 275 000 requests per second.

Varnish in the News

12/21/15 The VARGuy Varnish Software: The Environment Needs Efficient Cloud Computing

12/2/15 IT Unmasked Varnish Software Provides Visibility into Microservices Architectures

12/2/15 The VARGuy New Open Source Zipnish Tool Promises Better Microservices Performance

12/1/15 Open Source Insider Varnish Software: Zipnish for microservices

12/1/15 The New Stack Varnish Delves into Microservice Monitoring with Zipnish

12/1/15 Vmblog Varnish Software Launches Zipnish, an Open Source Tool for Microservices Performance Tracking

11/24/15 Vmblog Varnish Software 2016 Predictions: The DIY CDN

10/15/15 App Developer Magazine New Varnish API Engine V2.0 Meets a Minimum of 23,000 API Calls

7/2/15 Monkchips On Drawbridges and SecOps

6/8/15 Network World New products of the week 06.08.2015

6/5/15 Streaming Vendor News Recap For The Week Of June 1st

6/4/15 IT Unmasked Varnish Software Embeds TLS/SSL Support in Web Accelerator Software

5/5/15 Gartner Blog Network A Cool Load-Balancer

4/14/15 Programmable Web Varnish Software Launches API Management Platform

4/13/15 CWDN Varnish buffs up glossy new API engine

4/10/15 The New Stack Varnish API Engine Focuses on Performance Amid Heavy Traffic

2/15/15 Monkchips Monki Gras 2015 – Curating the Nordic (Developer) Invasion

1/22/15 CWDN Open Norse: what to expect from Monki Gras

23-08-2013 Computerworld (Norwegian edition): Per Buer takes on the role of Varnish Software's CTO

21-08-2013 Computerworld (Norwegian edition): Varnish opens an office in the USA

21-03-2013 (Norwegian IT news medium): Varnish's adventure in the US

03-05-2013 InternetRetailing, It takes a second to say goodbye...

11-04-2013 Green Technology World, Varnish Software chosen as 2013 Red Herring Top 100 Europe company

11-04-2013 Tag-IT News, Varnish Software wins Red Herring award

25-02-2013 Strong growth for Varnish in 2012

04-12-2012 Editor & Publisher Will paywalls save the newspaper industry?

21-11-2012 Oslo Stock exchange follows Facebook's leads and implements Varnish.

21-11-2012 Computerworld Oslo Stock exchange (Oslo Børs) three times faster with Varnish Cache

10-07-2012 PRESS RELEASE: Varnish Software partners with dotMobi to bring DeviceAtlas device detection to leading Web acceleration software.

16-06-2011 PRESS RELEASE: Varnish Software Delivers Blazing-Fast Web Performance with the Introduction of Varnish Cache 3.0

16-05-2011 PRESS RELEASE: Varnish Software and Phoenix Medien partnering to speed up Ecommerce websites

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