Varnish Software Introduces Varnish Plus on AWS

Oslo, London, Stockholm, Paris and New York – September 13, 2016 – Varnish Software, a leader in high-performance content delivery, today announced Varnish Plus Cloud, a full version of the Varnish software suite that can be accessed via the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Marketplace. Developed specifically for small to medium-sized companies that wish to forgo the hardware expense required to deploy Varnish on site, Varnish Plus Cloud delivers secure, high-powered and scalable internet operations at an affordable hourly fee.

Varnish Plus Cloud gives advanced users access to a unique set of modules and expert support. It allows small to mid-sized organizations to run Varnish installations with high requirements for digital scalability, speed, and manageability. Varnish Software is also making Varnish Cache available on AWS for a monthly fee.

Varnish Plus Cloud customers will benefit from:

  • Faster implementation – No need to work through internal permissions or to wait for hardware
  • Lower cost – Affordable hourly AWS fees without the expense of on-premise hardware
  • Performance
 – Secure, high-powered and scalable internet operations
  • Control – Ability to configure via the uniquely flexible VCL (Varnish Configuration Language);
  • Flexibility – Options to spin your virtual server base up or down depending upon your own web traffic trends.

According to Clive Longbottom, founder and service director of the analyst firm, Quocirca, “Modern usage of cloud platforms introduces the concept of elastic resources, where extra storage, compute, or networking resources can be applied to a workload in real-time to meet spikes in that workload. However, relying purely on the provision of such resources from the back-end platform can result in major costs being incurred. The use of a data cache can enable traffic spikes to be dealt with without the need for major additional resources being brought to bear, so maintaining the correct customer experience while keeping costs under control.”

“By making Varnish available via the AWS Marketplace, Varnish Software is extending the reach of its core product to more organizations, in more places at a more flexible price point,” said Per Buer, founder and CTO of Varnish Software. “We look forward to working with our AWS customers as they leverage Varnish Plus Cloud to solve their Internet operations challenges.”

Via the Varnish Plus Cloud support subscription, organizations receive access to Varnish experts and software developers. The Varnish Software support team has unparalleled experience with, expertise in and insight into Varnish and its strengths and functionality, as well as mastery of the flexible VCL. Their support services will help organizations get the most from their Varnish Plus Cloud implementations.

Availability and pricing

Varnish Plus Cloud is available on the AWS Marketplace. Pricing starts from $0.20/hour. Annual subscriptions are available at a 20% discount, hourly AWS infrastructure usage fees still apply.


Download Varnish Plus Cloud from AWS here.

Watch the Varnish Plus Cloud tutorial here.


About Varnish Software

Varnish Software is a high-performance content delivery company that helps organizations with web scaling, API management and content distributions. Powered by a uniquely flexible caching technology, Varnish Software’s products Varnish and Varnish API Engine, are the indispensable common denominators among the world’s most popular websites and brands, such as The New York Times, Vimeo, Tesco, Nikon, and Tesla. Varnish Software’s solutions enable organizations worldwide to provide fast and reliable digital content delivery at any scale while giving them the flexibility to maintain control over their content and make the technology their own. Varnish Software has offices in London, New York, Los Angeles, Stockholm, Oslo and Paris.

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