Putting Time on Your Side - How Morningstar delivers with accuracy and speed

Per Buer was recently invited by Global Banking & Finance Review to discuss the importance of speed in the financial services industry and fields concerned with data delivery. Per shares two...

By Scott Kircher 29 / 10 / 2014

Install Varnish Cache 4 and Varnish-Agent 4 on Mac OS

As a recent convert to the allure of Mac OS, Marius Magureanu, Software Developer at Varnish Software has become an active user. To test out his new playground he set himself on trying an out of...

By Marius Magueanu 28 / 10 / 2014

Endgültiges Programm für den Varnish Summit in Frankfurt veröffentlicht

Nur noch eine Woche bis zum Varnish Summit in Frankfurt. Alles ist vorbereitet und wir freuen uns sehr darauf, Ihnen eine lehrreiche und informative Veranstaltung mit tollen Rednern...

By Hanspeter Karl 22 / 10 / 2014

Official agenda for Varnish Summit Frankfurt released

With Varnish Summit Frankfurt just one week away, everything is locked down and we’re very excited to bring you an educational and informative summit with a great speaker lineup.

By Scott Kircher 22 / 10 / 2014

Phoenix Media präsentiert Magento mit Varnish beim Varnish Summit Frankfurt

Björn Kraus, technischer Direktor und Mitbegründer von PHOENIX MEDIA, gehört zu den Varnish Summit-Rednern und zu den ersten Anbietern von Varnish Cache-...

By Hanspeter Karl 22 / 10 / 2014

Phoenix Media to show off Magento with Varnish at Varnish Summit Frankfurt

Björn Kraus, CTO & Co-Founder of PHOENIX MEDIA has joined the Varnish Summit speaker ranks as a premiere provider of Varnish Cache solutions for e-...

By Scott Kircher 21 / 10 / 2014

Varnish Cache Plus 3.0.6r3 release

It’s with great pleasure we’re announcing the immediate release of Varnish Cache Plus 3.0.6r3, the latest version of the flagship Varnish Cache Plus series. This release is a continuation of the 3...

By Lasse Karstensen 10 / 10 / 2014

San Francisco venue announced – We love the bay!

The Bay Area has called and Varnish Software has responded by hosting the final Varnish Summit of 2014 in downtown San Francisco. We're pleased to announce...

By Scott Kircher 09 / 10 / 2014