Fighting the high costs of poor web performance

We’ve just released a new whitepaper on the high costs of poor web performance, the causes, related risks and if an open source or subscription version of Varnish Cache is best suited to help you...

By Hildur Smaradottir 27 / 06 / 2013

The Varnish plugin on New Relic's new platform

When New Relic (NR) approached us about building a Varnish plugin for their new platform we thought it was a great idea. We saw this as an opportunity to give our user community a tool that can give...

By Hildur Smaradottir 20 / 06 / 2013

Varnish = Velocity

As we are on a mission to build a faster and more scalable web for every type of organisation, joining up with the people attending the Velocity conference in Santa Clara, California makes perfect...

By Hildur Smaradottir 17 / 06 / 2013

Speculative Lock Elision in Varnish Cache

This year we’ve seen quite an interesting announcement from Intel. Their Haswell processors are now on sale. Usually we haven’t cared much about what Intel releases as new features in CPUs don’t...

By Per Buer 13 / 06 / 2013

Advanced cache invalidation strategies

“There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things.” -- Phil Karlton Today, I’ll write about the hardest one of these two; cache invalidation. This used to be...

By Per Buer 13 / 06 / 2013

Now offering: Varnish Administrator Certification!

Today we are proud to introduce to you our new training offering, Varnish Certification. The certification is currently offered for the Varnish Administration Course only but we are working on...

By Hildur Smaradottir 31 / 05 / 2013

Q&A from the "You can cache everything" webinar

We lost the audio on the Q&A session of the "You can cache everything" webinar. Here are the questions we got along with their answers.

By Per Buer 27 / 05 / 2013

A speedier website at a smaller cost and how Wetpaint uses Varnish to scale

Tony Flint leads the team that owns the happiness and health of the web infrastructure at During our chat with Tony he shared with us his team's relief when they came across Varnish and...

By Hildur Smaradottir 16 / 05 / 2013